About me

I was born on December 24, 1988 in a very small town in Russia. We had not much, like everyone else in that difficult time. However, we had plenty of nature, forests, lakes and swamps. From the age of five I began to study painting, pencil drawing, sculpture. In art school we were taught to appreciate every moment, variability, state of nature and to protect it. My dad worked in Moscow and at 12 we moved to him. Then I continued to study painting and entered the university of design. The education of the designer left a definite imprint on my painting, so we learned how to create art objects, painting was in the background. After graduation, I started working in a large international company as a shoe designer. I lived the one half of the year in Russia and the other in China (a 8-year pause in painting begins). Life introduces me to my husband and I move to him in Belgium. New language, adaptation, search for new friends, understanding of the new system and the birth of a son. In 2018, I again take the brush in my hand and begin to paint again. I want to show the variability of nature, the beauty of the moment, as I see it. I love graphics and love painting, I love sculpture. For a very long time I could not choose which direction to develop. so I put everything together. I created my own style “textured graphic impressionism”.