"Bald mountain"
70 * 100 cm (28 * 40 inches)

Acrylic on canvas/2023

"Bald Mountain" is a visual symphony that captures the raw and rugged beauty of a mountain stripped of its verdant cloak. I have painted this landscape to showcase the stark contrast between the barren peak and the vibrant life that still clings to its slopes. The dramatic sky, awash with a tumultuous array of blues and whites, evokes the unpredictable nature of the heavens, echoing the chaos of the winds that have sculpted the mountain’s form. This aerial turmoil is juxtaposed with the orderly procession of trees, their autumnal hues a fiery testament to the cycle of life and resilience. Below, the world stretches out in a patchwork of fields and forests, suggesting the vastness of nature and the smallness of the mountain in the grand tapestry of the earth. This painting is an ode to the majestic solitude of high places and a reminder of the enduring beauty of the natural world, even in its most austere moments.