"Blue trees"
40 * 60 cm (16 * 24 inches)

Acrylic on canvas/2023

"Blue Trees" is a piece where I delve into the realm of the abstract and the symbolic, using nature as a canvas to express deeper emotional truths. The vivid blue hues of the trees stand in stark contrast to the conventional greens and browns, symbolizing perhaps the uniqueness and individuality of one's path or the surreal beauty of nature as seen through a dreamer's eyes. The red and orange highlights suggest a season change or the fiery undercurrents of life's passions. I've employed a bold palette to evoke a sense of wonder and the unexpected, inviting the viewer to question and explore. The texture of the brushwork enhances the tactile sensation, adding to the depth and dimension of the forest. This painting is an invitation to wander into the woods of one's imagination, to get lost in thought and color, and to see the natural world in a new and vibrant light.