"Dedicated to My Friend. apple orchard 2024."
100 * 100 cm (40 * 40 inches)

Acrylic on canvas/2024

is a heartfelt homage to a cherished companion who has passed away. It’s a visual poem, a blend of sorrow for the loss and celebration of the joy they brought into our lives. Set in an apple orchard that blooms with vitality, it represents the favorite park where many treasured moments were shared. This orchard, a fragment of dreams unfulfilled, echoes the open spaces of my homeland, Russia—a place we intended to explore together. Here, the family gathers, playing with Jasper, immortalizing the times when happiness was a simple game of fetch. It’s a corner of canine heaven, a picturesque farewell, captured forever in vibrant strokes and hues. Jasper may have departed this world, but in this painting, our joyful memories with him will forever play in an eternal spring.