"fire in the sky"
50 * 60 cm (20 * 24 inches)

acrylic on canvas/2024

I am thrilled to share with you one of my latest works, which reflects the eternal motion of life and its contrasts. In the upper part of the painting, I used bright orange and red tones to convey the fiery sky at dusk or the fervent energy of life that constantly springs forth. In the lower part, I chose cool blue hues to depict the depths of the ocean, its mysteries, and rhythmic motion, symbolizing our quest for tranquility.


This painting is a contemplation of the balance between chaos and order in our lives, about the storms we experience, and the calm we seek. It invites the viewer to pause for a moment and ponder the inner world, which is as rich and complex as the world around us.


With each stroke, there’s a piece of my soul and reflections on how external energy and internal harmony interact within us every day. I hope my works inspire you to seek beauty in the mundane and find equilibrium in this endless dance of life.


With love and light,

Your artist