"Me and the sheep"
50 * 70 cm (20 * 28 inches)

acrylic, canvas 50*70 cm, 24 carat gold, silver/2023

"Me and the Sheep" is a bold, textured piece where I've melded the austerity of a mountainous landscape with the opulence of 24-carat gold and silver. This 50x70 cm acrylic on canvas work portrays a solitary house nestled among craggy peaks, with a golden backdrop that symbolizes the dawn of a new day or the preciousness of isolation. The deep blues and purples of the rugged terrain, highlighted with silver, contrast with the gold, creating a dialogue between the elements of the natural world and the luxury of precious metals. The sheep, a symbol of pastoral calm and simplicity, are my companions in this scene, grounding the work in the serenity of rural life. This painting is not just a representation of a physical space, but a personal sanctuary, an intimate connection between the self, nature, and the creatures that share our world. It's a narrative about finding richness and value in the quiet moments and the often overlooked company of the gentle beasts that roam the hills.