"New life "
40 * 50 cm (16 * 20 inches)

Acrylic on canvas/2024

«New Life» captures the enchanting moment where nature and folklore intertwine. This painting depicts two storks, creatures steeped in the beloved tale that they bring new children to our homes, perched atop a tree stump. From this stump, new branches sprout energetically, symbolizing nature’s unyielding urge to grow and thrive.


With each stroke of vibrant, textured acrylic, I sought to infuse this canvas with the magic of rebirth and the hopeful spirit of new beginnings. The dynamic colors of the background evoke a sunrise, heralding a fresh start and the limitless possibilities each new day holds.


This artwork is a celebration of life’s resilience and a nod to the timeless stories that enrich our collective imaginations. May «New Life» inspire you to embrace the renewals in your own life with open arms and a hopeful heart.