"Search for a blooming fern"
70 * 100 cm (28 * 40 inches)

Acrylic on canvas/2022

The interplay of shadows and hues in this painting speaks to the profound dance of light and life. A blooming fern, often a symbol of solitude and resilience, is absent here. Instead, the canvas is awash with vibrant blues and greens, a nocturnal symphony that suggests the fern's essence lies not in its bloom but in its perpetual cycle of growth, even unseen in the moon's gentle gaze.


The tree, majestic and central, stands as a silent observer of time, its branches woven into the fabric of the night sky. Encased within, an owl—the eternal symbol of wisdom—peers out, inviting us to look beyond the visible, to seek the blooming fern within the enigma of existence.


Each creature, each leaf, and each brushstroke is a testament to the interconnectedness of all things, a visual harmony that beckons the viewer to listen to the whispers of the forest—to search for the blooming fern not in the literal, but in the flourish of life that surrounds us, hidden yet ever-present.


Let this painting be a reminder that the search for beauty and growth often leads us to the unexpected. It asks us to find the fern's bloom in the quietest corners of the world, in the heart of the woods, or perhaps, within ourselves.