"The sly fox woke up before everyone else"
60 * 70 cm (24 * 28 inches)

Acrylic , gold leaf on canvas/2024

As dawn whispers through the forest, I present to you a moment suspended in time - the edge of the woods awakening in a soft glow. This piece captures the serene beauty of beech trees at sunrise, their leaves holding onto the cusp of winter, graced by a delicate veil of snow. Amidst the tranquil flow of a stream and the silent stories of fallen trees, stands a fox—poised and gazing outward, as if inviting you to pause and connect with the wild. With each brush of acrylic and the adornment of 23-karat gold leaf, I sought to encapsulate the stillness and the subtle interplay of light, reminding us of the quiet strength that morning brings