"Triped sweater"
40 * 50 cm (16 * 20 inches)

Acrylic on canvas/2023

"Striped Sweater" is an artwork that captures the serenity of a riverside scene at dusk, where the vivid sky dances with colors and the calm waters mirror the world above. I have infused the canvas with patterns and textures, using a variety of techniques to layer the paint, creating a tapestry of visual intrigue. The purple and pink hues of the sky contrast with the golden warmth of the setting sun, while the water reflects this spectacle with a symphony of ripples. The trees are silhouetted against the sky, their branches reaching upwards, intertwining with the textures of the heavens. In this tranquil setting, a solitary figure in a striped sweater stands by the water's edge, a silent observer of the day's end. This painting is an invitation to pause and reflect, a moment captured where the beauty of nature and a touch of human presence converge in a peaceful harmony.