"Valiev Stone"
70 * 80 cm (28 * 32 inches)

Acrylic on canvas/2023

"Valiev Stone" is an abstract landscape that merges the natural world with geometric form, embodying the spirit of both the organic and the monumental. The central feature, a towering structure of reds and whites, commands attention, its raw edges and block-like appearance giving it a sculptural quality against the softness of the surrounding environment. This contrast is mirrored in the water, where reflections dance with reality, and the circular patterns in the sky suggest a cosmic influence, a portal or eye, gazing down upon the scene. The brushwork is intentional, with each stroke adding to the narrative of contrast and convergence. Around the stone, the vegetation is lush and wild, painted with a sense of freedom and spontaneity. This painting is a dialogue between the constructed and the natural, the finite and the infinite, asking the viewer to consider the place where human perception meets the enigmatic beauty of the universe.