"Birch forest"
40 * 60 cm (16 * 24 inches)

acrylic, gold leaf, canvas/2023

"Birch Forest" is a textural exploration of the serene beauty found within the slender silhouettes of birch trees. In this 40x60 cm acrylic painting embellished with gold leaf, I sought to capture the ethereal and almost mystical presence these trees possess. The application of gold leaf amidst the stark white and vivid blue hues of the trunks creates a play of light and luxury, symbolizing the inherent value and nobility of the natural world. The shadows and highlights on the trees, crafted with varying shades of blue, give the forest depth and complexity, while the gold leaf catches the light, representing the fleeting, delicate moments of life. The background, a tapestry of purples and blues, suggests the cool, quiet atmosphere of the forest, inviting the viewer to step into a space of tranquility and reflection. This piece is a homage to the quiet grandeur of the forest and its timeless allure.